Human Resources

<p>Since its establishment in 1998, our company continues on its way by increasing its quality, successful sales transactions, and technical support services day by day. Today, attention is paid to the development of services at the highest speed, whether in our country or within the scope of export transactions.</p> <p>Our company, which plans its moves in parallel with the developments of the technically senior teams as a career policy, will also continue to act as the sales representative of the best and most important brands of the world. In this context, as in every period, we will continue on the road with well-equipped teams in terms of infrastructure and qualified as market dominance in the upcoming periods.</p> <p>The fact that our company, which wants to become the largest company in the sector in terms of elevators and equipment sales, and continues innovative and innovative operations from this point of view, has expert and experienced employees in the field gives confidence for the coming days.</p> <p>Increasing the numbers in this field by exporting to many different points of the world, making important sales and various commercial moves in the domestic market constitutes an important and critical point in our company&#39;s career policy.</p>

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